Learn how to use videogames in your digital strategy

People play videogames all the time. It is essential for companies to move towards gamification to engage with their audiences in a fun and interactive way.

Raise Your Game

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Motivate players to reach further.



Engagement Magnet.




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Working with us is easy. We produce, deliver and support game integration.


Experience in reading the brand and translating the campaign goal into game mechanics.


Visuals 100% adaptable to the brand / product and campaign theme that can be reused.


Short investment and development time with our pre-produced games.

Everything Is Possible

In Hollywood they use special effects. At Nectar Interactive we use pixel magic.


Bee Lucky slot machine adapated to a market


Bee Lucky slot machine adapted to a hotel.

Explore A World Of Fun

These are some of the latest brand experiences we’ve created for our clients.

Slot Machine for Lisboa Games Week

The Slot Machine is a gamified app build for Lisboa Games Week, the biggest videogame event in Portugal. We created a fun and engaging experience for the community that was rewarded with amazing prizes from the biggest brands in gaming and tech.

Endless Runner for Galp

This endless runner videogame is an advergame developed for GALP. With Galp Runner our partner made an impressive activation campaign offering double tickets and trips to Rock in Rio Brazil to the best players over the three days of the live event.

Puzzle Game for Alegro

This tetris like advergame was developed for Alegro shopping centers. We developed a fun portal and the Alegro Xmas Challenge videogame. Visitors to Alegro earned credits to play with the shopping center purchases. Those who reach the highests scores at the top of the leaderboard won real-life prizes.

Tell your story with videogames

As more and more consumers spend more time online – particularly on on their mobile devices – they expect to engage digitaly with brands. However, banners and video are often passive means to convey a message. Businesses want to engage with users in a way that resonates so branded video games have become popular.

Introducing videogames into your digital strategy will build brand recognition and change  completely your engagement times. You’ll keep the audience’s attention longer than with other marketing methods. Immerse your audience in an interactive fun experience with your brand. Accelerate you business with our nectar of growth.

Nectar Interactive can elevate your brand to new digital heights. We will show you how you can apply interactive experiences in your mix.

Peak Performance. Real Engagement. Endless Fun.

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