About Nectar Interactive

What is Nectar Interactive?

Nectar Interactive is a video-game brand creating some of the sweetest advergames and gamification products in the market.

How to get in touch with Nectar Interactive?

You can email us at hello@nectar-interactive.com, call us +351 213 137 691 or pay us a visit at Av. José Malhoa 16F piso 2, 1070-159 Lisboa. We are glad to talk with you!

Is it available in my country?

Sure. We are part of a global company used to develop and deliver projects across boarders and different time zones.


What is gamification?

Short answer: Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in real life contexts.

What is Bee Brave?

Bee Brave is our gamification platform that makes your business fun and engaging. With this app you can monitor and increase performance by challenging players to reach more. Can you imagine the impact on your business KPIs?

I want to gamify my app. Can you do that?

Maybe. We will need to evaluate the scope of your project. Let’s schedule a meeting and we will get back to you with a final answer.


What are Advergames?

Advergames are games for advertising and brand activation. These games will enhance an advertising campaign with fun and engaging interactions that will boost the audience experience.

What are Honey Shake Advergames?

Honey Shake advergames are games for advertising and brand activation. The mechanics behind Honey Shake advergames game are all set. We are ready to customize all visuals with your brand look and feel and deliver.

Can you insert my logo?

Sure! All our game solutions are build to immerse your audience in a game experience within your product universe and brand look and feel.

Can you use my brand colors?

Of course. All our game solutions are build for brands to connect with their audiences. Everything you see in a game we can adapt to your brand or product palette.

What is a match three game?

Match three is a type of puzzle game where players manipulate items in order to match at least 3 of a kind  to make them disappear.

What is an endless runner game?

Endless runner type of game is a simple version of the larger “platform” genre where a player is constantly moving forward jumping over obstacles.

What is a party game?

Party video games are designed as a collection of simple minigames, that are intuitive and easy to control, and allow for competition between the 2 players.

What is a rhythm action?

Rhythm action is a genre of action video game that challenges a player’s sense of rhythm that require players to press buttons in a sequence dictated on the screen.

I have a vision for an advergame. Can you develop it for me?

Maybe. We need to evaluate the scope of your project. Let’s schedule a meeting to talk about your goals and we will get back to you with a final answer.