Life is too short for boring ads.

Add videogames into your mix

Advergames are videogames for advertising. At Nectar Iteractive we develop classic arcade mini-games that we call honeyshake advergames. With a simple gameplay and a powerful digital experience, you can connect with your audience in a fun and entertaining way,  anywhere, for a long period of time. Your customers might play your game on their devices -web or mobile- or on a screen of yours on location – as an event stand or store.

We will transform your business into a videogame where players can experience fun and flow. Advergames boost engagement and recognition as you are providing the audience with an authentic and meaningful interaction with your brand. Players will feel that excitement and you will be able to measure the invaluable engagement times. Improve your marketing KPIs and accelerate business with videogames in your mix.

100% Customizable

If you see it you can customize it: adapt characters, scenarios, and all visual elements.

Engagement Magnet

Entertaining digital experiences that flow for a long period of time.

Performance Driven

Improve your engagement KPIs with our nectar of growth.


Entertain your audience in an authentic fun interaction. They will love you for that.

Our Methodology

We will take you through the 6D design framework. First getting to know your business KPIs and setting goals for the campaign. Then we will map your user journey. Afterwards It’s time to dig deep into players description and learning about their habits and behaviours. Then we are ready to design activity cycles for your game. In all this process we never loose focus on FUN! Finally we will present you with your branded game.

1 Defining Goals

Definition of business and campaign goals, challenges and KPIs.

2 User Journey

Outline human behaviour associated with processes and performance.

3 Players Description

Know users and their behaviors based on the Bartle model.

4 Activity Cycles

Evaluate and design engagement and progress loops.

5 Focus on Fun

Because fun is also an intrinsic motivation.

6 Game On

Develop and launch the best tool and analyze results.

Choose Your Game

Push, Jump, Stack, Punch, Hug, Collect, Play. You name it.

Everything Is Possible

In Hollywood they use special effects. At Nectar Interactive we use pixel magic.


Endless runner videogame adapated to a shop.

endless runner mercado endless runner futebol

Endless runner videogame adapted to a football club.

Explore A World Of Fun

These are some of the latest brand experiences we’ve created for our clients.

Puzzle Game for Alegro

This tetris like advergame was developed for Alegro shopping centers. We developed a fun portal and the Alegro Xmas Challenge videogame. Visitors to Alegro earned credits to play with the shopping center purchases. Those who reach the highests scores at the top of the leaderboard won real-life prizes.

Endless Runner for Galp

This endless runner videogame is an advergame developed for Galp. Galp Runner was introduced in an on-site activation campaign, engaging the audience with Galp’s energy universe. Over the course of the three days of the event our partner offered branded prizes and to the players on top of the leaderboard, double trips to Rio and tickets to Rock in Rio Brazil.

Slot Machine for Lisboa Games Week

The Slot Machine is a gamified digital experience build for the biggest videogame event in Portugal: Lisboa Games Week. We developed this entertaining and fun interaction to engage the event community that was rewarded with amazing prizes from LGW and the biggest brands in the gaming and tech industry.

Peak Performance. Real Engagement. Endless Fun.

Ready to create a videogame for your brand?